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Characters: Andrew Hussie
Song: What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club


I havent posted any actual art in a few days.

Here, have some semi-smut.

it’s a b-day gift uwu <3

and now i am off to wooorrkkkkk weeehh

—also can i just express how much i love that pencil brush. its amazing and i am in love with it. yesss

in which dave has an awkward boner and doesn't know that karkat knows and thinks he's being totally smooth and secretive. aka karkat makes dave's life harder than it has to be.

((oh my shit this was my favorite request))

It’s been a week since you two got your first apartment. You’re still getting used to living with him, sharing all your stuff and remembering all the rules Karkat made (which was a lot). You had no idea about THIS.

Your rub your tired eyes, lifting your shades from your head in an awkward fashion, having them fall back into place when your hand slumps down to your side. You find Karkat in the kitchen making morning coffee for the both of you.  Your eyes wander from his head down to his skin tight black booty shorts, half covered by an oversized grey hoodie, but still enough to teasingly show off his ass. Damn. That was so…hot.

Too hot in fact, because you just felt your boxers get tighter. SHIT. Danger danger strider retreat back to the bedroom NOW. You turn around to head back down the hall but Karkat spots you before you can leave.
“Your coffee is ready.” He says, sipping on the cup in one hand, holding out the other for Dave to take.
“Just- you can just put it on the counter I’ll be right there.” You say, trying to excuse yourself.
“I didn’t make the fucking coffee to have it sit on the counter while you go back to sleep, come here and get it or I’ll pour it down the sink.” You cringed as Karkat snapped at you, clenching your teeth and furrowing your brows, taking note that Karkat was definitely NOT a morning person.

You frantically search your mind for a way to avoid Karkat seeing your embarrassing arousal. You step backwards until you reach the kitchen counter and turn around to face him, the counter covering you from your torso down. The troll doesn’t think much about it; he sets your coffee on the counter and slides it over to your hand. You let out a deep breath you didn’t know you were holding as you blow on it until its cool enough not to burn your mouth. The warm beverage heated your body (in places that weren’t already ‘hot’) and you sigh in relieve.

Until he tries to walk around the counter towards you.

You skillfully dodge around to the other side where Karkat was standing only seconds ago. He gives you a weird look, “Are …you okay?”
“y-yeah man just, you know wanted to get some milk for the coffee.” You say, trying to keep cool. Karkat raises and eyebrow in suspicion, but doesn’t say anything else on the matter of your strange actions. He continues walking, until he reaches the sofa and TV stand on the other side of the room. You watch him as you sip your coffee, trying incredibly hard not to think about the problem in your pants. Hopefully it will die down soon, yeah, in fact you feel like your cooling down  alrea-
“Hey, have you seen the remote?” The troll says, bending down to look for it. Oh fuck that ass. Shit. He shoots his head around to glance over his shoulder to you. There was a split second where you swore you saw a grin plastered on his face, but if it was, you did not register it. Your eyes were too focused on something…else.
“Its….umm…probably by the –t-table” You say, your voice cracking at the end but you manage to cover it up by coughing. Smooth strider, that was a fucking smooth save right there. You mentally give yourself a pat on the back.
“Oh, you’re right, there it is!” He says, plopping down on the sofa. He pats a cushion next to you. “Come, sit.”
“I don’t want to.” You reply, unable to find a better excuse at the moment, shit, you know you could have probably came up with something better than that.
“Why not?” He asks, is that a slight amusement in his voice?
“because. I don’t want to..” You say again as your face turns a light pink.
“Oh?” He gets up, causing you to flinch ever so slightly. Oh fuck, he’s coming back in your direction. You turn and walk on the opposite side of the counter again, this time it made it a little more clear you were avoiding him.
“Come sit with me, Dave.” He asks again, walking faster to you now, fuck . oh fuck this fuck everything.
 “NO!!” you shout booking it down the hall as Karkat tries to grab your arm, running after you as a shit ton of giggles echoed throughout the apartment. You manage to make it to your bedroom and slam the door just before karkat can get to you. “F-FUCK YOU.” You shout from behind the door.”  Your face was BURNING now.
“WELL I CAN CLEARLY SEE YOU’RE FUCKING READY.” He laughs, recovering his breath from chasing you.

Long story short, you spend half the morning in your room, and the two of you made a silent promise never to speak of this awkward situation again.

Hmm. Karkat wearing a collar and leash for Dave during sex and loving the fuck out of it when he pulls his leash.

“Come here, Karkitty.” Dave motioned, tugging his collar to bring him closer. The tight leash pulled him over to Dave so hard it caused him to almost lose balance, as the blond wrapped the chain to it around his hand to keep grip of the troll.
“Good pets get a treat, did you know that?”
“Hm?” Karkat hummed, biting his lower lip with a sly grin, “what if I wanna be bad?”
“Then I guess …..” He yanked karkat merely an inch away from his face and dropped his voice to a low whisper, audible only for Karkat to hear, “ I’ll have to punish you accordingly.”
He ghosted his lips over karkats, pulling him back just enough so he couldn’t kiss him quite yet. The closest  Karkat could get to tasting those sweet lips was poke his tongue out along the edge of Dave’s mouth. God he wanted him so bad. The blond kissed along his jawline down to his neck and shoulders, making sure his hot breath danced along his skin. The motion sent tingles down the troll’s spine, coaxing his arousal that made his boxers unbearably tight.
“If you can show me how badly you want it, then maybe I’ll be nice and give it to you.” He let out a breathy laugh.
“Just quite your babbling a-and,” Karkat started, climbing onto Dave’s lap and bucking his hips. “Just-ahh- fuck me, Strider.” He hissed in a low tone.

And they did the diddly doo all diddly darn night.

prompt for ficlet??: car accident uwu

You weren’t sure how it happened, exactly, it was all so fast. You feel light headed and dizzy, a dull ache throbbing in your head that seems impossible to relieve. Everything went dark, your senses too overwhelmed to function properly. The faintest hint of smoke fills your nostrils. There’s so much noise…you can’t make out what anybody is saying. Is that, an ambulance alarm? You feel warm, hot even. Why is it so hot in here?  What is that crackling sound ? You feel…so tired. You can’t move, can’t….move…your slipping. You’re slipping out of consciousness.

When your eyes open, they are instantly greeted with blinding lights. There’s a constant beep ringing in your right ear and your entire body hurts. When you finally come to your senses you notice a hand clenching tightly around your own.  You look over and see a familiar blond hair boy with a pair of dark shades on. There’s water running down his cheeks, is he…crying?

“I-I-I thought I’d lost you.” His voice cracked, burying his face into the sheets of the hospital bed.
“Hey,” You say in a low, raspy voice to reassure him, “If…. I can survive your god for sake shitty raps..I…can survive a car accident… right?”
a huff of what might have been an attempt for laughter was muffled in the sheets. He sniffles and looks back up at you through his dark shades covering obvious red, swollen eyes.

“Don’t ever scare me like that again, okay?”

DaveKat soft makeouts? With lots of compliments and praise? '#u#' thank you.

Soft silky strands grazed Karkat’s palm as he ran his finger through Dave’s hair. He met the blonde’s gaze through his shades and looked down at his lips, noticing the faint red mark from their previous kissing shenanigans.
“What are you waiting for?” Dave asked, raising an eyebrow as he obvious noticed the troll’s hesitation.
“I don’t want to…you know..” he trailed off, a faint blush crossing his face.
“I told you it was fine, man. You just gotta be more careful with those shark teeth, okay?”

Karkat fell silent, he nodded in reply as Dave pressed their forehead’s together, letting him take the first initiative. A soft pair of lips met Karkat’s, who pressed back into the warm, heart filled kiss as his hand held a light grip on Dave’s hair. Their breathes entangled as the troll pulled back, taking in Dave’s scent and nuzzling their noses together.
“See? You’re doing good.” Dave praised in a whisper.  He grazed his lips onto Karkat’s, who used his free hand to cup Dave’s cheek, pulling the taller boy onto him as they fell back onto the sofa.

Karkat kept to close mouthed kisses for a while, until Dave ventured to slide his tongue on the edge of the troll’s lower lip. He tentatively took his invitation, opening his mouth enough for the blonde to enter and gently brush against Karkat’s tongue with his own.

Dave let out a soft moan against his lips, using his free hand to keep him balanced as he dared to slide a hand up the side of Karkat’s shirt, who squirmed beneath him from the cold fingers tracing along the edge of his torso.

You see, karkat was a fantastic kisser hands down, Dave thought. It wasn’t until they reached a certain point Karkat would lose himself into the kiss and accidentally nip Dave’s lip with those sharp pair of fangs. He could tell the troll was obviously trying hard not to do that this time in fear of that…even though his efforts didn’t not prevail.

“Shit! I’m sorry!!” Karkat said, pulling away and cupping his hands around his face. Dave put a thumb up to his lips where karkat bit, and then focused his attention back to the embarrassed troll underneath him, letting out a small chuckle.
“Hey,” he said in that whisper of a voice. “I said its okay, let me see your face?”
“no fuck you! I can’t believe I did it AGAIN! Uhhhg!” Dave sighed, placing his hands over Karkat’s, and moving them away from his face, entangling their fingers together.
“I don’t mind too much, honest. Who could be mad when they get they get the privilege of kissing such a cute as hell face? The 50 sexiest troll celebrities just fuckin’ did an acrobatic pirouette off the handle cause they can’t compete with that and-“

“Oh my god will you please just shut up?” Karkat laughed, looking away but failing to hide his smile. Dave kissed his cheek and said softly into his ear, “I guess there’s only one way you can make me do that, huh?”


Booty boyfriends.inspired by this [x]


Booty boyfriends.
inspired by this [x]


gay losers


I apparently draw these guys pretty often now


alright here’s a fun game.

I’m going to draw homestuck porn with dave in it. first dave ship in my inbox gets drawn. maybe I’ll draw more than one. I don’t care if I ship it. Gay, straight, threesome… I don’t GIVE A FUCK. I want to draw more dave porn. so GO.

this was going so much better when my medicine was still working and i also hadn’t almost passed out in a walmart. hope you like it. perspective was a BITCH.


lotsa ppl wanted davekat so here’s dave eatin kk out ayyyyy


Alright guys!!! First one, since most of the requests were for davekat, i did that one first, i did it quicker than i would have liked to, cuz wow :o i got a lot more requests than i thought i would!! If i don’t get to yours today i’ll try my best to get it tomorrow

i hope y’all like it!


"TG: hes even angry while sleeping"


Anonymous asked you:

Hello I simply adore you art!Could you possibly draw some davekat?

thank you anon! ~ &lt;3 and oops i haven’t drawn davekat in a while


Hello I simply adore you art!Could you possibly draw some davekat?
thank you anon! ~ <3 and oops i haven’t drawn davekat in a while


"Hey Rose, check this out!

I couldn’t do it I had to take a break okay back to commissions now